Adria Arjona Torres is a Guatemalan/Puerto Rican actress. She is best known for her role as Emily in the HBO television series True Detective (2015) and as Dani Silva in the CBS television series Person of Interest (2014–2015). Her father is the Latin America renowned singer-songwriter, Ricardo Arjona.[1][2]

Life And Career

Adria Arjona lived in Mexico City until she was 12. Her mother, Leslie Torres, is Puerto Rican, and her father, Ricardo Arjona, is a Guatemalan-born singer-songwriter in Latin America. As a child, she traveled often. Her father took her along on his tours allowing her to experience art, music and a bohemian lifestyle since she was born. At age 12 she moved to Miami and lived there until she was 18 when she moved to New York City on her own. [2]


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