Aithne was a young witch born to Mother South.


Aithne was born to Mother South. She somehow found her way to Emerald City.[1]

After the Wizard learned that Glinda was breeding witches to bring about a rebellion, he began looking for young witches in Emerald City, taking every girl of appropriate age. Aithne ran away from two members of the Wizard's Guard into a building with cloth hanging from the ceiling. When they finally found her, she began levitating, before blowing up the building, killing them. Unharmed, West soon came in to settle her, promising safety. However, after the Wizard brought in a cage to lock her in, West used her magic to protect Aithne in a pit. Aithne attempted to get out, angry that West had lied to her. That night, the Wizard brought his High Council to Aithne. She burnt all of them, leaving only charcoaled shells. Having been exhausted of her magic, West took Aithne to a field, where she put her out of her misery.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Aithne had control over magic, allowing her to levitate, blow up the interior of a building, as well as shoot bursts of fire against a magical barrier created by West.[1]



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