King August was the former ruler of Ev and father of Princess Langwidere.


August and an unnamed woman conceived a child, who they named Langwidere, though his wife soon died, drowned by the Beast Forever. When Langwidere was a child, their pet dog, Randall, died.[1] Some years later, the Beast Forever arrived, killing all of his family but him. Unable to live without his daughter, August commissioned Jane Andrews to construct her a new, mechanical body.[2]

Twenty years later, August and Langwidere traveled to Emerald City in Oz to consort with the Wizard. He listened in during a meeting as two members of the Wizard's council gave conflicting pieces of advice. That night, when asked what he wanted from the Wizard, he asked for Randall, who had died recently, though he was unsure how recently, alerting the Wizard to the fact that August had long since lost it.[3]

A few days later, the king woke from his sleep, thinking he'd heard Randall's barks. Langwidere rushed off to help him "look" for the dog. That night, August went looking for Randall himself. He came across Toto, who he believed to be Randall. Scaring Sylvie, a young witch who was hidden next to Toto, she accidentally turned August into stone, killing him.[1]


Behind the scenes

  • August seems to be based on Evoldo, a king of the Land of Ev in L. Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz. He was said to be cold and cruel, exhibiting this by selling his wife and ten children to the Nome King in exchange for a long life (albeit later regretting this decision).


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