Elizabeth was the former head of the Wizard's High Council and a spy for Glinda.


Elizabeth was the head of the Wizard's High Council. One day, she and Isabel came to the Wizard with news of Dorothy Gale's unexpected arrival in Oz via a tear in the sky. They showed him footage taken by a monkey drone. After the witch East died, Elizabeth remarked that the people of Emerald City still loved witches, despite his ban on magic.[1]

After three women climbed atop an Eternal Warrior, the Wizard's High Council watched as the the women committed suicide with magic. Following this, they returned back to the castle, where Elizabeth showed the Wizard signs that she perceived as evidence of the Beast Forever's return. She soon reiterated this belief, asserting that only the Wizard's Eternal Warriors could stop it, as it would come as a hailstorm of fire, which stone is impervious to.[2]

After magic was found in Nimbo, Elizabeth suggested that she go along to see if it was true, but the Wizard himself decided to go, shooting down the idea of her assisting him.[3] Shortly after this, the royal family of Ev visited Oz. Princess Langwidere inquired as to where the Wizard got his expert advice, with Elizabeth and Anna giving contrasting opinions, which frustrated the Wizard and amused Lady Ev.[4]

When Dorothy Gale came to the Wizard, he placed her under his protection. Due to this, Elizabeth became annoyed that none of the High Council were allowed to read her. Because of this, she was replaced by Anna as the head of the High Council. Under allegiance to Glinda, Elizabeth went to free Lucas from his cell, asking that they travel to Calcedon, Glinda's castle. The High Council studied their books some more, before Elizabeth met with Lucas, Dorothy and Sylvie before they left, giving them instructions on where to go. She explained to Anna her purpose in having come to Emerald City, as well as revealing that Glinda was planning to fight back against the Wizard. Later that day, in a show of power, the Wizard shot Anna with a gun, much to the shock of Elizabeth.[5]

Having become aware of the High Council's allegiance to Glinda, the Wizard rounded them up, before chaining them to a young witch stuck in a pit. Elizabeth begged for the lives of the other girls, admitting that she was the only spy, and that Anna had truly loved him. However, she was killed, all of them turned to charcoaled shells by the witch.[6]



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