For the eponymous city, see Emerald City (location).

Emerald City is an American fantasy television series based on the Land of Oz book series written by L. Frank Baum. It ran from January 6, 2017 until March 3, 2017.

On May 4, 2017 NBC announced that Emerald City has been cancelled after one season.[1]


In the blink of a tornado's eye, 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and a K9 police dog are swept into a world far removed from our own - a mystical land of competing realms, lethal warriors, dark magic and a bloody battle for supremacy. Starring Vincent D'Onofrio (Daredevil, Jurassic World) as the guileful Wizard and directed by the visionary Tarsem Singh across three European countries, this is Oz completely reimagined - a place where familiar characters show up in fresh, unexpected ways, and where an unsuspecting young woman holds the fate of kingdoms in her hands. And as Dorothy navigates this dangerous world and uncovers her true destiny, we'll see there's no place like... Oz.[2]



  1. The Beast Forever (1/6/2017)
  2. Prison of the Abject (1/6/2017)
  3. Mistress - New - Mistress (1/13/2017)
  4. Science and Magic (1/20/2017)
  5. Everybody Lies (1/27/2017)
  6. Beautiful Wickedness (2/3/2017)
  7. They Came First (2/10/2017)
  8. Lions in Winter (2/17/2017)
  9. The Villain That's Become (3/24/2017)
  10. No Place Like Home (3/3/2017)

DVD Release

On July 25, 2017 DVD and Blu-ray (distributed by Universal) has released the entire series on DVD in Region 1.




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