The emerald dagger is an heirloom that was passed down from King Pastoria of Oz to his daughter, Princess Ozma.


Samuel Pastoria had a child, Ozma, to whom he gave a dagger set with emeralds and diamonds.[1] As the Wizard sought to murder Ozma's parents, her mother, Katherine, attempted to use it to defend against her killer, to little aid.[2]

Sometime after Ozma's orphaning, the witch Mombi acquired the dagger and kept it[3] until Jack secretly stole it when he broke into Mombi's hut in order to rescue his friend Tip.[4]

Jack and Tip traveled to Ev, where Tip found out that Jack had stolen the dagger even after she explicitly stated that she wanted no reminder of her former guardian. After Jack kissed Tip, she accidentally pushed Jack off a balcony, taking the dagger and leaving her friend for dead.[4]

Tip used the dagger to protect herself on multiple occasions, and after offering it to West to help ease Aithne's suffering, the witch immediately recognized the dagger as the weapon passed down from the former ruler of Oz to his daughter. West told Tip this, implying Tip to be the long lost princess of Oz.[5]

After magically changing herself back into a boy, Tip observed his reflection in the dagger. Soon after, freeing most of the witches from the Prison of the Abject, he attempted to use it as proof of being the princess Ozma, but none of the witches would believe him, being forced to change back in to a female.[6]



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