The Eternal Warriors, or Stone Giants,[1] are gigantic stone creatures created by Nahara. Apparently, The Wizard used them to defeat the latest incarnation of the Beast Forever, when it tried to flood Emerald City and Oz.


Eternal Warrior above the sacred temple

An Eternal Warrior above the witches' sacred temple.

Twenty years ago, the Wizard commissioned Nahara to create the Eternal Warriors to defeat the Beast Forever.[1] He positioned them around Emerald City to prevent it from being flooded.[2] After that, the Giants were put to sleep all over Emerald City, presumably because Nahara was imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject.[1] One of the most notable Eternal Warriors was poised over the sacred temple of the cardinal witches, ready to destroy it at the Wizard's will.[2]

Dorothy Gale released Nahara from the Prison of the Abject and convinced her to awake the Eternal Warriors, which she brought to Ev to seek revenge on him.[1]



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