Ev is a kingdom adjacent to Oz.


At some unknown point in the past 20 years, Dr. Jane Andrews left the Tribal Freelands[1] and traveled to the kingdom of Ev, setting up shop.[2]

Jack and Tip traveled to Ev in order to find some more of the latter's "medicine". They found a herbalist in the hopes of reproducing some, but he told them that it was black elixir, thus illegal, and so he could not reproduce it for them. Stuck as a female, Tip grew frustrated, eventually pushing Jack off of a ledge, killing him.[3]

Jack was soon found by Jane Andrews, who fixed him up with metal appendages with the help of materials from the royal family of Ev. He was then given to the royal family, due to the metal belonging to them.[2]

After Langwidere and Jack returned from Oz, the two made love.[4] The following day, Langwidere began to produce guns for her arsenal, much to the annoyance of Jack. When the Wizard arrived, accompanied by his Guard, hoping to receive the weapons from them, soldiers of Ev pointed their guns at the Wizard and his men.[5]



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