Gann is a young witch born to Mother South.


Gann was born to Mother South, before finding her way to Calcedon under the care of Glinda.[1]

After Leith returned to Calcedon, Gann, among others, was introduced to her. Later, while eating food, Laila made Leith's bowl move across the table with her magic. When she physically moved it back, Laila moved it again. Leith attempted to move it herself with magic, but just turned it to stone, causing all of the girls to laugh. At another meal, Laila did the same thing again, but this time Leith was able to move it with magic, causing all of the girls to applaud her. Later that night, when Dorothy Gale came to collect Leith, Gann and Laila stood in front of her, protecting her.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: As a witch, Gann is able to utilise magic, though it's unclear whether she has much control over it, seemingly not being of age.[1]



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