Karen Chapman is a former scientist for Vorcotec.


Visiting Oz and giving up Dorothy

Karen worked at Vorcotec as a scientist. While performing a vortex chamber test at Vorcotec, the team were locked out and Roberto went to investigate. However, he was hit with a flying piece of metal, causing Karen and Dr. Jane Andrews to go help him, followed by Frank Morgan. The vortex tunnel they were working on promptly broke, causing the man-made tornado to send the three of them to another world, Oz. Once arriving, they were approached by Munja'kins, who, once they realized they meant no harm, welcomed their in to their camp. They remained there some time, during which time Jane gave birth to a daughter, Dorothy. She was eventually given the chance to go home by the witch East, who didn't like interlopers.[1] She left behind her lab coat when she left.[2]

Once back in her own world, during a storm, Karen left Jane's infant daughter Dorothy at the farmhouse of Em and Henry Gale.[3]

Reconnecting with Dorothy

Twenty years later, living in a trailer outside Lucas, Kansas, Karen wrote to Dorothy in the hopes of connecting with her. One night, Karen was attacked[3] by men sent by the Wizard,[4] disguised as policemen, leaving her fatally wounded in her storm shelter along with a dead policeman in her trailer. She was found by Dorothy, who she asked not let an oncoming policeman know where she was.[3]

Dorothy was eventually swept away by a tornado to Oz, before returning to find a badly wounded Karen. She got some blankets and took care of Karen, before helping her get to Lucas Medical in order to recover from her wounds.[4]



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