Miranda was the former right hand of West.


After the Wizard came to visit West when a rip appeared in the sky, Miranda poured her mistress tea and introduced her as she entered the room.[1] Later, following the ritualistic suicides of three of West's girls, Miranda let her know that the Wizard sought an audience with West.[2]

After Tip began working for West, she replaced Miranda as her right hand. Miranda was made to take West's chamber pot down to the cells, emptying it into the sewerage. When asked about it, Miranda told Dorothy of how it was sewerage, before breaking glass the latter had been hiding beneath her foot. Tip later came to free Dorothy, but they were interrupted by Miranda, who carried a sword. She was overpowered by the two of them, with Dorothy escaping through the sewerage and Miranda having her arm caught under the cover of the sewerage. She was soon found by West, who was convinced that she had let Dorothy free out of spite. Due to this, she let Miranda's arm free, before throwing her down the sewerage line, killing her.[3]



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