Mombi was a witch posing as an apothecary, living in a town with no name. She kept Tip captive in her house, forcing her to switch genders through a black elixir.


Mombi took in Tip at a young age, using a black elixir to transform her into a male.[1] Acting as an overprotective guardian, she kept Tip in her room at all times, pretending he was of ill health and required special medicine each day. After going to get a chicken for dinner, Mombi returned to Dorothy Gale and a wounded Lucas. She allowed them to pick from her herbs, before noticing the latter's sword marking him as a member of the Wizard's Guard. She took them in, giving Lucas a bed. After they discovered Tip locked up, she explained the situation. Following that, Mombi gave Lucas medicine secretly laced with poison. Though he recovered, they locked her in her room, allowing Tip to escape. When she finally escaped, she attacked Dorothy. In order to save Dorothy, Lucas stabbed Mombi with his sword, seemingly killing her. However, despite her apparent death, Mombi's hand later began to shake.[2]

Powers and abilities

Mombi was shown as a skilled and powerful witch, especially when compared to more powerful witches such as the cardinal witches. She was skillful in potion-making and was able to craft an elixir that would, if ingested daily, keep Tip in her male form, in order to protect her. She was however intrigued by Dorothy's use of antibiotics and modern medicine, mistaking it for witchcraft.[2]

After being trapped in her room by Dorothy who was about to let Tip out, Mombi caused the sword that was stuck against the door to heat up, leading to a magical combustion of the entire doorway, allowing her to escape, though not in time to stop Tip from escaping. By screaming, she was capable of causing a high-pitched noise that would incapacitate anyone nearby, as shown when she easily subdued both Dorothy and Lucas and even kept the effect going, after having stopped screaming. Mombi also demonstrated a limited control over the elements, being able to control the earth element as shown by her use of the overgrown vines to hide the entrance into her house. The vines were also incredibly difficult to cut through, possibly due to an enchantment.[2]

Like all other witches in Oz, Mombi could be killed by only another witch, thus when Lucas killed her and completely disfigured her head, she was still able to resurrect, though somehow slowly.[2]


  • In L. Frank Baum's Oz novels, Mombi was the Wicked Witch of the North. She was overthrown by Locasta Tattypoo, the Good Witch of the North. She was allied with the Wicked Witches of the South, East and West to overthrow King Pastoria. She transformed Princess Ozma in to a boy named Tippetarius, or "Tip".



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