Monkey drones are mechanical drones in the form of monkeys used by the Wizard to spy on his subjects. They can record and play what they have seen.


After Dorothy Gale arrived in Oz through a tear in the sky, a monkey drone captured it. Members of the Wizard's High Council showed it to the Wizard himself, viewing it as the first true sign of the return of the Beast Forever.[1]

Discovering that East had been traveling to her to give her a warning about Glinda, West had Elizabeth help her recover footage from a monkey drone, showing Glinda meeting with East on the day of her death, only for East to propel Glinda away from her with magic.[2]


Behind the scenes

  • The drones are based on the winged monkeys from L. Frank Baum's novels. They were made slaves to the Golden Cap, which was eventually stolen by Dorothy after she killed the Wicked Witch of the West.


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