"The Beast Forever was merciless with her."
The Wizard to Glinda on Mother South's supposed demise[src]

Mother South is a cardinal witch, together with her daughters GlindaWest and East.


Mother South gave birth to all of the witches in Oz,[1] over a thousand.[2]

Before her supposed demise, Mother South had plans for West to become the new mother of witches, according to Glinda.[3]

Mother South was said to have been killed mercilessly by The Beast Forever, but not sung to rest in the witches' sacred temple as per tradition.[4] This information, however, was simply a rumor spread by Glinda. Instead, Mother South began breeding an army of witches to take on the Wizard.[1]



  • Mother South is either based on Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, or the Wicked Witch of the South. The latter is more likely, due to the former's inclusion in the series.
  • It appears as if Mombi was going to be revealed to be Mouther South. However, since Emerald City was cancelled after its first season, it is unknown if this is true.


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