For the language they speak, see Munja'kin.

The Munja'kins are a tribe of people occupying the Tribal Freelands of Oz.


Jane Andrews, Karen Chapman and Frank Morgan were brought to Oz, finding themselves in the Tribal Freelands. Showing that they meant no harm, they were welcomed in to a Munja'kin camp, where Frank demonstrated science to a number of tribe people.[1]

Twenty years later, after accidentally arriving in Oz, Dorothy Gale was brought to a Munja'kin camp. While there, she was tortured for having killed East, as only a witch was said to be able to kill a witch. She was subsequently banished by the Munja'kin to beyond the borders of their freelands.[2]

Known members


  • The Munja'kins are based on the Munchkins from L. Frank Baum's Oz novels. Their blue tribal paint is a reference to the fact that Munchkins are said to only wear clothing that are shades of blue.



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