Nimbo is a town in Oz, close to the border of the Tribal Freelands. It was partially destroyed by the Wizard's Guard after the supposed existence of magic.

Lucas has been crucified and left for dead in Nimbo and it's where Dorothy found and saved him. The destruction of Nimbo was referred to by Mombi, who claimed she's been there when it happened.


At the behest of the Wizard, the Wizard's Guard partially burnt down Nimbo, killing many of its occupants.[1]

Not far outside of Nimbo, Roan was stopped by members of the Wizard's Guard, many of whom he killed, before he was stopped and strung up on a cross marked with the town's name.[1]

Soon after the massacre, the Wizard himself visited Nimbo, hearing rumors of magic still lingering. When he arrived, he was verbally attacked by Jermiah, the town's alderman. Anna, a member of the Wizard's High Council, went to investigate, finding a tunnel filled with magic. However, when she went to touch it, it exploded back in her face, knocking her out and mildly injuring her. Because of this, the Wizard was convinced to force Jermiah to admit his loyalty to the Wizard and his ways in front of the entire town, while his pregnant daughter was secretly held at knifepoint.[2]



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