"I am Ojo of the Tribal Freelands."
—Ojo introduces himself to Dorothy Gale[src]

Ojo is a member of the Munja'kin tribe.


Meeting Frank Morgan

When Frank Morgan travelled to Oz, Ojo watched on as he demonstrated his science of a battery. However, Frank was shown up by Ojo's wife, Nahara, who used magic.[1]

Encountering Dorothy Gale

After Dorothy Gale accidentally walked in to the Tribal Freelands, Ojo approached her. She admitted that she killed the Witch of the East, leading to him tying her up and torturing her. When she plead for her life, the Munja'kins had a vote as to what to do with her, Ojo voting to have her killed. With consensus being to banish her from the lands, Ojo was the one to lead Dorothy and her dog. He led them through a mountain pass in order to see his wife in the Prison of the Abject. They eventually found their way to the poppy-covered brick road, where Ojo instructed her to follow it to Emerald City.[2]

Some time later, Ojo knocked out Dorothy with a boomerang[3] at the behest of the witch West. He took Dorothy to West, where he asked for his wife freed, as was promised. West promised to have her released by the following day, but when he returned, she was nowhere to be found, much to Ojo's anger.[4]


Behind the scenes

  • Ojo is based on Ojo the Unlucky from L. Frank Baum's Oz books. He was given this title due to him living with his silent uncle and having seen none of the world, though also as he was born on Friday the 13th, is left-handed, and has a wart under his arm. He was later named Ojo the Lucky by the Tin Woodman, believing his bad luck to be part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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