The Elements are magical golden gauntlets studded with rubies that allow the user to control the weather. They originally belonged to East, but after her death, they were transferred to Dorothy Gale.


East used the Elements to control the weather of Oz.[1] Following her death, Dorothy Gale accidentally took control of them, using them at East's castle to travel to an otherworldly location and back.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Elements were once used by East as a means to control and seemingly build a relationship with the weather. This is supported when East's former servant said that "the weather mourned her". This makes it seem that the weather sensed East's death and reacted. After Dorothy kills East in an act of self-defense the Elements were passed to Dorothy, she gained the powers of a Cardinal Witch. Dorothy was seen creating a powerful shock wave that scared off a pack of wolves and left the land around her in disarray. At Glinda's castle Dorothy also used the Elements in order to suspend Glinda in the air and tie a noose around her with her bed sheets. The Elements also seem to react based upon the users wishes. For instance, Dorothy was unable to use the Elements to kill Lucas because she did not want to kill him. The Elements seem to be capable of defending itself since when West [1] attempted to take the Elements , she was injured severely by a surge of magic that left her incapacitated for several hours. It is not specified whether or not the Elements give the user a Cardinal Witches immortality in the show.



Behind the scenes


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